ANSI/NISO Z39.96-2015

8 Journal Archiving and Interchange Tag Set, version 1.1 • 8.5 Attributes

8.5.86 @pub-id-type Type of Publication Identifier

Type of publication identifier or the organization or system that defined the identifier.

This attribute is used in several contexts:

  • as part of the article metadata defined inside the element <article-meta> (for example, on the <article-id> element, which holds an identifier for the entire article, or the <product> element);

  • inside a bibliographic citation element such as <mixed-citation> or <element-citation> (for example, on the <pub-id> element, which identifies a publication cited in a bibliographic reference list);

  • on an object identifier element (<object-id>), which can act as an identifier for any number of different elements;

  • on a related article or other related object (for example, on the element <related-object>); and

  • on an issue or volume identifier (for example, on the <issue-id> element, which identifies an issue).

In elements <article-id>, <issue-id>, <object-id>, <pub-id>, and <volume-id>, this attribute may be used if the element is used.
Value Meaning
Text, numbers, or special characters The type of identifier doi or name or type of organization that created the identifier, such as aggregator.