ANSI/NISO Z39.96-2015

9 Journal Publishing Tag Set, version 1.1 • 9.5 Attributes

9.5.91 @ref-type Type of Cross-Reference

Type of element that is the target of the cross-reference (for example, figure, author-note, bibliographic-reference). The values may be used for type-specific processing or validation.

In element <xref>, this attribute may be used if the element is used.
Value Meaning
aff Affiliation.
app Appendix.
author-notes Author notes.
bibr Bibliographic reference (typically to a <ref> element, but it may point to a <element-citation> or <mixed-citation> if there are multiple citations inside the <ref> element).
boxed-text Textbox or sidebar.
chem Chemical structure (to a <chem-struct> or <chem-struct-wrap> element).
contrib Contributor.
collab Collaboration.
corresp Corresponding author.
disp-formula Display formula.
fig Figure or group of figures (to a <fig> or <fig-group> element).
fn Footnote.
kwd Keyword.
list List or list item (to a <list> or <list-item> element; also, possibly to a <def-list> or <def-item> element).
other None of the items listed.
plate Plate.
scheme Scheme.
sec Section.
statement Statement.
supplementary-material Supplementary information.
table Table or group of tables (to a <table-wrap> or <table-wrap-group> element).
table-fn Table footnote.